Epsom Bath Salt 6 oz packet  $5 ea

$5 for 6 oz one use bag of Scented Epsom Salt 

$25 for a 3 pound bag of scented epsom salts.

Enjoy relaxing Epsom Salt.
To use:
Pour contents into a running
bath for a relaxing soak.

100% USP grade Epsom salt
(magnesium sulfate)Essential and/or fragrance Oil.
Place contents in running bath water.
Allow to dissolve. Good for one soak.  
Magnesium can be absorbed through
the skin by soaking  in an Epsom Salt.
Soaking for just 12 minutes weekly
increases magnesium levels.

Other wonderful benefits are:
Believed to help relieve stress, improve
sleep and concentration.   
Use Epsom Bath Salt to exfoliate
dead skin, heal cuts and soften skin.
Best if used within 12 months of purchase.
Bella Esse Naturals
 Made in the USA 

Epsom Bath Salt 6 oz packet $5 ea

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